Student Opportunities

IPaT extends research and networking opportunities to students enrolled at Georgia Tech, and provides materials and resources for undergraduate and graduate research projects.

Funding Opportunities

Smart & Connected Communities Data Pilot Grants

The Institute for People and Technology is pleased to announce the results of our first Smart & Connected Communities Data Pilot Grant program. These pilot grants will provide funding for one semester to further interdisciplinary research within the area of Smart & Connected Communities.

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GVU / IPaT Engagement Seed Grants

The goal of this program is to engage researchers in thinking and working across disciplinary boundaries, as a means to generate the novel research questions and approaches required to address grand challenges. 

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Wearable Computing Center Engagement Grant

The grant program is open to faculty, students, and research scientists of Georgia Tech. Grants can be used to support the development of new hardware or new applications; fund the design and evaluation of new wearable technologies; or create new opportunities for internal or external collaboration, such as through workshops or speaker series.

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Imlay Innovation Fund

The Imlay Foundation awarded a $5 million grant to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to establish the Imlay Innovation Fund, which will support the development of pediatric therapies in collaboration with Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Convergence Innovation Competition

CIC 2019

The Convergence Innovation Competition (CIC) is a bi-annual event dedicated to helping students create innovative and viable products and experiences with the support of campus resources and industry guidance.

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